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Stadium Celebration

About Us

IC4 was founded with one goal in sight: to offer our clients an everlasting experience that will make an impact for their audience to enjoy and remember.

Our founder and president, James Wiseman, started IC4 as a means to offer an affordable experiential product. James values and appreciates that every company that has been created, no matter the size, was created on a dream and a vision. Hard work, long hours, and dedication is not something to take lightly, and James wants to elevate that dream with the same vision you started with. Partnering with IC4 will allow you to go to the next level, to give you that chance to interact even more with the people you built your dream for. 

Over the past 23+ years, traveling cross country, and working with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, James knows what it takes to have a successful event that is well thought out and executed with a personal touch.

James and his wife Carrie believe communication is key, and without it, you have nothing. They live their daily lives this way in every aspect and lead by example. That first-class communication and collaboration will be a key piece of your journey with IC4.

Here's to... The Road Ahead



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